This project is a proposal/case study for "Lilith" a company based in Mexico which was about to launch their first ecological menstrual cup, they required a brand system for their clients: young women who are interested in a affordable friendly-enviroment option, and also women who want to feel more comfortable during their periods.
They had also they idea of launching an app to keep track of your period, and that can assist women through their use of the cup. 
For the logo I made several proposals, using Lilith, the mythical woman who is now a figure of empowerment and independence. Finally I decided to go for a modern and curvy shaped typography, which represent feminity.
For the color palette I picked a soft pink, a vibrant orange, a red earth and a vivid green, a mix between feminity and enviroment.
The other proposals for the logo.
I made this pattern, full of the vibrant colors and also with stains in the background. This pattern is used later in the packaging and also in social media.
I made also an illustration of Lilith, which is used for merch. Here are some examples of the branding in action.
This is the proposal for the period track app. This project is still in development.

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