Panache! Is a french electro pop music band based in Paris who commisioned me to do their artwork cover for their recent EP "Paradis" released on November 2020.
After talking to the band, they asked me to do an illustration that could express freedom and authenticity. The artwork must represent the light-hearted and fun spirit of their music.
The EP was composed by five songs, Écume, Foule, Paradis, Nu and Bleu.
We decided that the cover must represent each song, and every element in the cover should be a clue of what each song was about.
I started by sketching first some ideas of composition and elements:

After choosing the elements that best represented each song, I decided to also add photography to the composition, to also represent were the band was from, as this EP will serve them to get known around the world, I took reference in a previous creative experiment I did in which I combined illustration with photography and it created a very successfull result.
I just went around Paris to took some photos of iconic places that also gave me some space to later draw illustrations in them.
After some exploration and talking with the band we finally choose the perfect place and composition. The five songs are represented here, the chair for the song Écume which is about someone that is missing the palm, the crowd represent the excitement of a crowd during a concert, and the blue guy represents the song Bleu and the main girl herself represent the song Paradis ,which is about being your authentic self. 
I used a bright pink combined with intense blue, as I noticed this colors are very used in parisian graphic style, to complement the whole message of french pop taking the scene.
For the typography I picked a sans simple type, using as reference the graphic style that most big french artist are using in the scene. I took this decision to make this album part of this awesome musical movement.
For the reverse, I made a fun typographic game with the titles of each song, that represent infinity, and also I hand made a texture combining it with some film lights to link the photography the cover.

We had to add a censored version as Spotify and some places does not allow nudity, and I decided to add a little a phrase to fix this inconvenient, using the free the nipple movement which is against censorship of the female body.
This is the result, the EP was released on late November 2020 and it has been placed thorugh a lot of media, and it's going really well in reproductions.
Finally, here is the live session played on the rooftops of Paris. 

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